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Adding an extra $60-$800k in Placed Orders through Emails with 0 Ad Spend within 90 Days.

For 7 & 8 Figure eCom Store Owners.

"A brand which didn't invest in professional Email Marketing, is already paying for it."

We deliver the same amount of email campaigns and flows as other agencies do in 6-12 months.

But in less than 48 hours.

With better quality.

Why GoShawk:

Put GoShawk to work. Invest your time where it's needed.

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Easy to start

Benefit directly from our pre-built assets, which generated over £10MM in ecommerce sales — within 48 hours.

GoShawk is the best in the market.

Smart budgeting

With GoShawk's unparalleled pricing system, you can rest assured you are getting the best deal.

Performance-based pricing

Tailored strategies, optimal returns

GoShawk Media Client Results Email Marketing Profit
GoShawk Media Client Results Email Marketing Profit
GoShawk Media Example Email Responsive Design Email Marketing Profit

Spectacular emails

Use GoShawk's epic designs to match your customers energy.

Eye-catching Visuals

Compelling Copy

Clear CTA

Consistent Branding

Our Work:

Meet GoShawk's all-in-one solution for eCom brands

A one-stop team that deliver all your email needs.


Before GoShawk

Month #1

Month #2

$371k Increase in Monthly Email Revenue
(Within 60 days!)

This brand didn't utilize email marketing at all.


We've made $236,271 more in revenue in the first month and $371,201 more in the second month by putting our bulletproof assets and strategies into practice.


That represents a further 42% bump in email revenue.

344k Increase in Monthly Revenue
(In less than 4 months!)

We took this garden furniture brand from €154,000/mo to over €498,000/mo in revenue by customizing our huge vault of results-driven emails for their brand.

  • Revamped underperforming flows

  • Started sending 2-3 campaigns p/w

  • Implemented a brand new optimized pop-up


$448k Increase in Monthly Email Revenue
(In just 6 months!)

We helped this beverage brand go from $245k/mo to over $693k/mo in revenue from email alone  in our long-term partnership. 

  • Built all the necessary automated email flows

  • Increased campaign sending to 2x p/w

  • Added a VIP flow to improve retention

  • Utilized our pre-built vault of emails

the Entire Process

(it's a bit long)

🔍 Brand audit 

😍 Client reviews the Emails 


GoShawk Media Client Results Email Marketing Profit



GoShawk Media Client Results Email Marketing Profit


GoShawk Media Client Results Email Marketing Profit

Use Proven


All in one:

From captivating designs to powerful copywriting— GoShawk has it all.

Segmentation, Automation, Personalization, Campaigns, A/B Testing, Opt-in, CTA, Metrics/Analytics, Drip Campaigns, List Management, Responsive Design, Deliverability...

GoShawk Media Email Responsive Design Email Marketing Profit

Our Clients

Brands love GoShawk, here's why.

"You guys are the fastest!"

Your team is awesome! You've helped my brand look amazing in emails super quickly. I'd tried two other agencies before, but they weren't as good or fast. You guys had the best ideas and made my brand look so much cooler. If anyone wants their emails to be amazing too, your team at GoShawk is the best choice!

Sam W.

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